CESRT is a locally organised team of international volunteers dedicated to providing both immediate and long-term support for both refugees on Chios, and for local people.
The story of CESRT started at Megas Limionas when local hotel owner Toula Kitromilidi heard noises on the square of the village and she went there to see what was happening. There were people from the boat that landed. She brought the refugees to her rooms and provided clothes, food etc. After 2 months volunteering with local people as well as with other groups she decided and took the lead and established the CESRT team with help from international volunteers. With the help from experienced volunteers that have worked in organizations around the word, CESRT was already a fact and in action at the beginning of 2016. Since then 2000 volunteers have been in the team and many projects have been established and the team have earned the respect of all the actors and authorities on the island.